Cult Is Cancelled!

4 Responses to “Cult Is Cancelled!”


  1. Donna Mullikin says:

    I think its pure BS that this great show has been cancelled. It really burns my buns for another entertaining show to be cancelled. Boo to The CW.

  2. Vanessa crump says:

    Shame on the CW.

  3. Wynetta says:

    Didn’t really give it a chance. I am really feeling a loss. Like I was reading a book and never finished it. I’ll admit there was a lot of detail for several characters, but that is what kept true followers coming back. Something for everyone if you were willing to pay attention. CW could have gone further & made this show interactive with the audience. After all it was called CULT- CW u lose

  4. Venetia says:

    I am very disappointed that Cult has been cancelled. I enjoyed the show so much and was always so excited to tune in the following week, to see new episodes. It was exhilarating and mysterious like no other show on TV. I will miss it so much!!!

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